Terms and conditions of use

On order confirmation page it says "we will ship within 48 hours" that is not accurate.  We have not been able to edit that text. We we ship 1 to 10 business days after your order has been finished in our shop.

All products are at your own risk and you assume all liability and risk, and hereby agree to not hold Skaggs Wood Works or it's staff or owners liable for use of our products.   

During delivery, installation, and assembly of products you agree to not hold Skaggs Wood Works or its staff or owners liable for damage caused to your premises during delivery or installation.  We will take special care o protect your premises and our products during delivery and assembly.

SKaggs Wood Works Guarantees that it's products will be in good, proper, working condition free from defects or damage at time of delivery and will replace or repair any damage or defects at time of delivery.

Skaggs Wood Works provides a warranty for structural and critical components of its products for 1 year.  Shipping and transportation costs are customer's responsibility.

SKaggs Wood Works will diligently work to meet projected delivery dates and promises to keep customers updated on delivery dates and scheduling.